wolfcub (clockwork_hart1) wrote,

(ficathon): he told me i was holy...


(I've been listening to a lot of Halsey and Hozier and reading Gaiman and thus am blaming this ridiculousness on that)


1. all fandoms/characters/whatevers are up for grabs as long as the prompt is vaguely related to the theme:

Gods + Monsters: anything relating to holyness/monstrousness. Literal monsters. Dragons. Personal demons. Greek/Egyptian/Norse/Celtic etc. God AUs. Religious poetry. Lyrics about finding God in a lover. Fairtytales. The monster under the bed.

e.g. What if Tara makes her spells out to the goddess Nemesis? Is Helena hearing messages from God? What happened when the Bad Wolf decided to go hunting? Could Bellamy and Octavia be Apollo and Artemis?

2. each prompt goes in a new comment
3. when you make a fill, please leave a comment here (link, title, warnings, prompt).
4. feedback is ambrosia
5. tell all your friends + dont let this die on me


experience the taste || biblical mythology || raphael/azazel || pg ||
Kiss me hard before you go, Summertime Sadness, I just wanted you to know, that Baby, you're the best || by killing_kurare

semblance of touch || greek myth || circe/penelope || mature || no one has imagined us || by clockwork_hart1

antlers || doctor who || amy pond || teen || the girl with antlers || by clockwork_hart1

sweet dreams || fairytales || heroine/evil queen || teen || there's an old man sitting on the throne that's saying I should probably keep my pretty mouth shut || by yachiru

your memory lying next to mine || biblical mythology || judas/jesus; judas/lucifer || pg13 || I never betrayed him.
I loved him so much that I set him free with a kiss
|| by kwritten

secrets and teeth || doctor who || rose tyler || teen || There are wolves, they would say. And there are stories about wolves and girls. Girls in red. All alone in the woods. About to get eaten up. Wolves and girls. Both have sharp teeth by tardis_stowaway

penance || doctor who || eleven/amy(/tardis) || pg || But do you feel like a young God? You know the two of us are just young gods, And we'll be flying through the streets with the people underneath, And they're running, running, running || by irishvampire13

the hardest thing in this world (is to live in it) || btvs || willow, giles || teen || Come and fly now with the angels, Rise again now like the phoenix, Your the love that lives forever, In the heart that never dies, never dies || by igrockspock

I'm afraid that someone else will hear me || tvd || caroline/klaus || mature || midas is king and he holds me so tight, turns me to gold in the sunlight || by clockwork_hart1

mad || doctor who || amy/eleven || teen || innocence dies screaming, honey ask me I should know, I slithered here from eden just to sit outside your door by irishvampire13

be healed || biblical mythology || judas/mary magdalene(/jesus) || pg-13 || and since he bids me seek his face, believe his word and trust his grace, I'll cast on him my every care || by clockwork_hart1

moth to the flame || doctor who || dark!eleven/the master || mature || hell's got my hero, maybe I'll fall in || by irishvampire13

go on and light a cigarette || gossip girl || blair/vanessa || explicit || b & v that one sunny sunday morning when the weather was cold but it was warm under the sheets and that's as close to god as it gets || by clockwork_hart1

know the taste of ashes before the fire's been set || doctor who || amy, eleven, tardis || pg || by fluffyfrolicker

of gods, or falling || gossip girl || jenny, blair || vague bulimia || the awful immortality of the teenage girl || by fluffyfrolicker

fell in love with the moon || revolution/greek mythology || charlie/artemis || mature || i want to tear you apart, and lay your shame bare; // the moon illuminates your flesh, and you will learn, hungry dogs are never loyal || by lynzie914

Tags: !gods & monsters ficathon, thing-a-thons

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